Conference Topics
Third Call for Papers

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Mechanics of Solids
  • Mathematical Modeling in Mechanics of Solids;
  • Analytical Dynamics of Multibody Systems;
  • Advanced Mechanics in Robotics;
  • Tribology and Micro-Nano Systems;
  • Optimal Design of the Mechanical Systems.
Acoustics and Vibrations
  • Indoor ambient acoustics;
  • Acoustics systems of road, air and rail;
  • Vibrations of structural systems;
  • Mechanical vibrations of technological equipment;
  • Isolation and dissipation systems for seismic actions on buildings, bridges and viaducts.
Workshop "Noise, vibration and earthquakes protection"

held at the
Univers T Resort
400436 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
26-27 October 2017
  41st International Conference on Mechanics of Solids,     
 Acoustics and Vibrations "Prof. P.P. Teodorescu"